Quality, experience and personal trust are important parts of our work.

Loyalty, transparency, and fairness are indispensable for all interactions between one another.
This counts for interactions with candidates, clients and our commitment beyond business activities.

Because we believe that every person, every organization and every business carries a social responsibility.

Our HR interim managers work integratively in all areas of your business. We also understand HR work as company and organization development.

Conflicts that exist in every business and are important can be solved constructively and professionally. 

HR-Consultants are committed to:


humedica e.V. is the first organisation to be set up in disaster areas to alleviate the greatest need.

humedica e.V. is an aid organisation that has been carrying out humanitarian work worldwide since 1979 with a focus on disaster relief and medical care. The head office of the organisation is in Kaufbeuren, Germany, and there are subsidiary organisations in Belgium, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia.  The aim of its work is to provide concrete help to people in emergency situations regardless of their religious, ethnic or political background. They see themselves as mediators between those affected and people and institutions willing to help by drawing attention to concrete emergencies, mobilising resources and providing effective and efficient assistance. The association has been active in over 90 countries since its foundation. They are often the first to be on the spot in disaster areas.

Save the Children

Save the Children is an international non-governmental organisation that has been working for the rights and protection of children worldwide since 1919. Today Save the Children International consists of 28 country organizations and is active in around 120 countries. The organisation's declared aim is to strengthen the rights of children worldwide and to improve their lives. Its work focuses on health and survival, school and education, and protection against violence and exploitation. In addition, Save the Children provides humanitarian aid in emergency and disaster situations.

Institut St. Bonifatius e.V. is a Christian missionary organisation.

As a Missionary Benedictine community in the Catholic Church, we follow the example of Jesus and stand up for other people, especially where they are searching for meaning, encountering limits or being affected by poverty and need.


Honorary examiner for the apprenticeship Kaufmann/-frau for staffing service

HR-Consultants support apprentices through oral exams and prepare them for their career.

Working student concept:

We also want to take part actively in the training of young people. Therefore we work together with working students. This is of mutual benefit. We get to know what motivates young people and how this generation develops and we can pass on our experience.

Erster Münchner HR Round Table online

Am 18.6. fand der erste „Münchner“ Online HR RoundTable mit knapp 50 Teilnehmern statt. Auch wenn der Sinn dieses bundesweiten und kostenlosen Personalernetzwerkes neben Vorträgen zu aktuellen HR Themen v.a...

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