A small team of experienced specialists with diverse and lengthy experience in the HR area

We live long-term relationships with our clients, HR interim managers and partners.
This is very important for us.
With a personal and human touch.

We want to be partners.

Our wish:

To mutually benefit from experience and grow together.
Tel. +49 (0) 89 954 57 58 - 91

Successful career in C-level positions, most recently as Interim Manager. Many years of experience in various industries and companies, from owner-managed medium-sized companies to private equity and listed companies. In business matters, a trusting relationship and intensive personal contact with customers and partners are very important to him.
Phone: +49 (0) 89 954 57 58 - 92

Was born and spent part of his childhood in South America. Studied Cultural Industries in Passau. After this, spent many years in the management of international HR service providers in the area of up-to-date recruiting measures. Since 2008, at HR-Consultants, responsible for distribution, project management, HR fairs,  and HR RoundTable.
Tel. +49 (0) 89 954 57 58 - 93

Born in the City of Munich, Andrea Hollenburger started her professional career at an early stage. This is why she can already look back on a multifaceted national and international career with more than 25 years of working experience, partly as an interim manager, but also in managerial and executive positions. For many years she headed the Human Resources Department at Scout24 as Senior Vice President HR & Communication. She also worked in an executive position at a FinTech company in Zurich. Moreover she is founder and managing director of kryg + fryden UG – people – business – change. In Februar 2017 she joined the HR-Consultants and is now responsible for project support, the support of HR interim managers and marketing activities.

Tel. +49 (0) 89 954 57 58 - 94

Studies of labour and organisation psychology, political science and economical geography at the LMU in Munich.

Longtime strategical as well as operative experience and expertise in personnel recruiting, human resources consulting such as personnel marketing/employer branding. Furthermore a wight branch-know-how because of her work in management and consulting occupations.

Comprehensive expertise as HR manager and personnel officer. Gained professional experience in Italy. Since 2011, at HR-Consultants, responsible for the database of the HR interim managers and for administration.

Erster Münchner HR Round Table online

Am 18.6. fand der erste „Münchner“ Online HR RoundTable mit knapp 50 Teilnehmern statt. Auch wenn der Sinn dieses bundesweiten und kostenlosen Personalernetzwerkes neben Vorträgen zu aktuellen HR Themen v.a...

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