Loyalty is an individual human quality, which is independent from any terms of contracts. HR interim managers are careful to ensure that their tasks will be solved in the best possible way. A major asset of an HR interim manager is his/her reputation. Only when endorsed, can he/she acquire new mandates and clients – and be successful in the medium and long term. And only when you are satisfied with his/her performance, could he/she acquire further tasks and projects within your company in the future. Therefore, loyalty is of the utmost importance for an HR interim manager. An HR interim manager is a service provider and entrepreneur, not an employee.

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Bald ist es soweit, das Team der HR- & FIN Consultants zieht um. Unsere neue Adresse lautet ab dem 01.06.21: HR-Consultants GmbH Industriestraße 29 82194 Gröbenzell bei München   Die Ihnen bekannten Kontaktdaten...

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