HR interim managers and HR-Consultants?


You are part of HR-Consultants' active network.

Thereby you have access to several services:

  • Participation in HR Clubs, our network event for interim managers
  • Mutual coaching and exchange of experience
  • Active support during assignments
  • Realization of joint acquisition events
  • Attractive referral programs
  • Framework agreements with selected companies

The guiding principles for our cooperation with you:

  • continuous professional exchange
  • personal contact between HR interim managers and HR-Consultants
  • to cultivate the thought of active networking

Our events offer an ideal platform.
Find the next dates/venues here.

The active, personal contact with you is very important to us. Also outside of HRC-events.
For example over a good coffee in our office.

HR-Consultants see themselves as your “professional home“ and your long-term companion. Take our word for it.


Framework agreements:

The basic idea: we want to offer an additional value for interim managers by bringing you together with services and products which support you in your professional and private life. Besides, we know the providers and are already working together with them or intend to work with them. Additionally, we have asked these providers to offer us a “special price”. This resulted in the following models. But please see for yourself:

Elements Fitnesstudio:

A premium fitness center with establishments in Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.
Mehr Infos im PDF
Elements Summer Special


Offers the booking of furnished apartments. This is ideal, if the assignment is planned in another city.
Mehr Infos im PDF


When it’s urgent and your child needs assistance, the emergency mums are there for you.
Mehr Infos im PDF

Ricarda Kiel:

For the first start as an interim manager, she offers the creation of a website out of the box, which is quickly available – at a fixed price.
Mehr Infos im PDF

Jörg Gerstmann:

Personal trainer in Munich who helps to build up the body, in case the project was once again too stressful.
Mehr Infos im PDF

Please contact us in case you would like to have more information or if you have ideas, what else would be reasonable and where we could negotiate.


Your first point of contact. The network. It lives! And it supports!

Our objective:

To actively live the idea of networking!

What does that mean?

The office accommodations of HR-Consultants in Munich (near Rotkreuzplatz) are available for HRC-network members – for their own professional use or for client meetings.

This setting promotes chances for meeting more often for personal and professional exchange and to move forward together!

More information?

Please call or email us!

Einladung zum HR RoundTable am 05. Oktob…

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, die HR-Consultants freuen sich, Sie zu einem weiteren, interessanten HR Netzwerkevent einzuladen. Am Donnerstag, den 05. Oktober 2023 begrüßen wir Sie persönlich zum HR-RoundTable...

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