In general

The search for candidates varies depending to a large extent on the position, the region and how swift decisions are taken by the client. Usually we assume an average time of approximately 2 to 3 months until the position is filled.

Initially, we present 3 to 4 appropriate candidates of whom we are convinced. During the process, together with the client we discuss if the profiles meet his requirements and wishes.

Search paths

Our long-term experience has shown that the following search paths achieve the best results:

  • the own, perfectly maintained personal network
  • the database, continuously increased and maintained since 1998
  • external databases (e.g. Xing Talent Manager, Experteer etc.)

There are several framework agreements with different recruiting portals. We have the possibility to publish job advertisements and to directly contact candidates. In addition to the mentioned measures, it is possible to publish online ads through other leading online job exchanges, after consultation with the client.


In case you decide to assign another service provider for filling the position, we ask you to kindly bear in mind the following: Please assign one additional provider at most since candidates could be contacted several times which would not give a good impression to the candidates. 


Our fee is calculated according to market conditions depending on the gross annual target salary of the mediated candidate. 1/3 of the expected total fee taking into account the planned target salary is to be settled after signature of the agreement. The remaining amount is purely success-based and due when the vacancy has been filled.
Furthermore we give you the guaranty to refill the position within the period of 6 months. Additional costs (e.g. further publishing of adverts, travel expenses etc.) will be agreed upon in advance and additionally invoiced.

Our process

Candidates with interesting profiles will initially be qualified personally, by phone or videocall with the help of a structured interview.

As soon as an appropriate candidate has been identified, he/she will be presented promptly. This means that there is no shortlist which will be given at a specific date. You are informed just in time.

With our clients, we communicate reasonably, i.e. with interim reports regarding quantity and quality of the received applications. A swift communication is important to us. Only by doing this, we are informed as effectively as possible and find the right candidate. We will be working for the client until the position is filled or the search has been finished otherwise.

The general market situation or the attractiveness of the total package are factors which oftentimes will be evident only during the ongoing project.

The profiles will be presented with a standardized scheme including all relevant details of the candidate. We inquire salary expectations, availability and the reason for changing jobs.

For us, transparency and pragmatism are the basis of every process. Of course, we can jointly agree on certain topics in case of concrete modification requests. Queries arising during the process as well as precision adjustments in case that the first profiles do not match exactly, of course occur in constant dialogue.

What we would like to request from our clients

We consider ourselves as partners and service providers for our clients. You are searching for a new colleague and we support you in doing this. You can make a major contribution to realize a swift result which meets your requirements. Besides a detailed definition of the assignment, a swift feedback regarding the presented profiles is essential. This keeps the process going and minimizes the risk that really good candidates, who in most cases also are part of other processes, are no longer available. Of course we know the situation in personnel recruiting and we know that decisions often depend upon other persons as well.

For that very reason, regular feedback regarding the status is important to us, in order to be able to give relevant feedback to candidates.

We are looking forward to working with you!

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