Faber Consult GmbH was founded by Manfred Faber as the first specialist for interim management in the HR area.
The goal was quick development of professional HR departments for young companies of the New Economy within the scope of interim management projects. Soon, international corporations and medium-sized businesses discovered the flexible opportunities of HR interim management.

The rising demand for HR interim management services and the client demand for support in permanent placements in the HR area lead to a reorientation of the company. As a result, HR-Consultants were born as provider for HR positions for permanent placement as well as interim management.

To meet the demands of the market better and to be able to react with more flexibility to developments, we expanded our team and repositioned our company.

HR-Consultants GmbH was founded.

Today, HR-Consultants belong to the leading providers of permanent placement of HR positions and of HR interim management. Nationwide, HR-Consultants successfully carry out projects in HR departments for companies of all different sectors and sizes, and different international or cultural orientations.

HR-Consultants unter neuer Führung

Die Erfolgsgeschichte wird fortgeschrieben Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, jeder lässt etwas von sich selbst zurück, wenn er ein Unternehmen verlässt. So auch Manfred Faber, der als langjähriger Geschäftsführer der HR-Consultants zurücktritt...

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